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just finished this short and sweet autobiography about  Steve Martin's journey through childhood and into the world of stand-up comedy...

lovely :)

available here

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summer reading

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hello & happy 2011 to you!!

so happy to be back after serious computer meltdown issues as well as some much needed r&r!

as well as gearing up for the year ahead, way too much of january has been spent devouring fantastic art books bought off amazon.com while the yankie dollar is pretty much en par with ours...

...like this beautiful summery moment-in-time photographic book by Hugh Holland - 'Locals Only' -  hazy, glorious sun-filled shots taken from 1975 - 1978 as the skating scene unfolds in California.

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how beautiful are whales?


...and that beautiful little boy!

Last week we listened to Philip Hoare on Radio National talk about his fantastic book 'Leviathon or, The Whale' - among many enchanting whale watching tales he spoke of a sperm whale that was found beached a decade ago with a harpoon embedded deep in it's side - the harpoon was then scientifically dated and was found to be more than 230 years old! gosh - pretty amazing and quite devastating when you think about the potential true age of some of the whales hunted today...

majesty and mystery

with our own whale we loved the idea of the creature plowing  through ocean waves with a brave little boy astride, searching through his telescope for the awaiting adventure - his best bird  friend at hand!

and thank you to the lovelies at TLWood who have set up a colourful wintery window display full of our whales amongst all their beautiful clothes and art...

whale photos from ffffound and national geographic

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