The Melbourne Design Awards- FINALIST!!

Okay, okay, we're excited!

... please bear with us!

We want to share with you (especially our Circle Shelf friends) the very exciting news that Bride&Wolfe's Circle Shelf has just been announced as a FINALIST in the PRODUCT DESIGN - HOMEWARES section of  (drum roll please)...


Other catagory finalists include the wonderful, inspiring Design Files daily blog, and past winners include the extraordinary filmclip of GYOTE's 'somebody that I used to know'.
For us this means that out of all the wonderful, vibrant and brilliant homewares Melbourne creators produce, Bride&Wolfe's Circle Shelf has been selected by industry judges as one of Melbourne's best designed products- totally, completely exciting!


So the awards night is soon and if you own and love one of our beautiful Australian made Circle Shelves, or any of our other locally made products please consider clicking on the link below and VOTING!
<<<< here!!!

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Thanks again and fingers crossed!!


The Melbourne Design Awards- FINALIST!!