big circles, small circles

My dear friend Jackie and her partner Chris have just purchased one of our new 70cm diameter Circle Shelves- they decided to keep the timber natural so we just gave it a good going over with Scandinavian oils and bees wax- it is absolutely stunning, the larger size has so much potential for a real statement piece in the home- how fabulous do Jackie's Mexican artifacts and masks look on display in their amazing house!!

Big Circle!

The new size is just so much larger and incredibly substantial looking, although it's just 20cm wider than our original Shelves, the fact that it's also 20cm taller and comes out from the wall by 10cm instead of 7cm helps make this piece become a true work of art in your home, as you can see by these shots...

We are happy to discuss any enquiries, and we will be putting them on the website soon :)

Ps. for a sense of scale we added a pair of sunglasses and a bottle of Chanel nail polish in the uppermost images  to give you an idea of the sizing ;-)


big circles, small circles