Circle Shelf - Two Tier - Solid White Ash

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CIRCLE SHELF, Solid Hardwood White Ash, Two Tier

The original Circle Shelves from Bride & Wolfe are hand crafted using solid lengths of hardwood (White Ash) that are gently bent and formed using traditional steam bending methods. The shelves are lightly white washed ( limed) and hand-finished with Scandinavian wood oils and bees wax to enhance the natural wood tones. Made from the highest quality timber, Bride & Wolfe Circle shelves will become as precious as the heirlooms they showcase. 

- Two tier Circle Shelves are 50cm x 50cm, the timber is 7mm thick and 7cm wide 
-  upper curve to first shelf approx 12cm   
- second shelf height approx 24cm 
- lower curve to second shelf approx 11cm

* Circle Shelves currently have a wait of up to 3 weeks  - once ordered we'll email you with confirmation and approx delivery date.
$10 shipping within Australia.

Sold Out

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