Climbing Girl


'Climbing Girl' evokes classic fairytales; Jill climbing the beanstalk in the company of flowers, birds and sweet forest creatures.  Perfect for little girls, especially those with a love of nature and a sense of adventure.
This timber wall hanging is cut from marine ply and is hand painted in water-based paints. Especially lovely hanging in a window or on the wall. Available in three colours - Pink, Lime and White.  

55cm x 20cm x 0.4cm 

 2013 review: “Thanks so much for this beautiful piece & for following up with me. Just so you know.....I gave my nephew your boy/whale cut out of the day of his birth 3 years ago & now this climbing girl is for his brand new sister! I love them & so does my sister! Thank you, Sarah H.”  

Designed and Made in Melbourne, Australia.

$5 flat rate shipping.