WALNUT Circle Shelf with Waxed Finish, three tier

CIRCLE SHELF Walnut, three tier 

The original Circle Shelves from Bride & Wolfe are hand crafted using solid lengths of hardwood timber (Solid Walnut) that are gently bent and formed using traditional steam bending methods. The shelves are then lightly stained and hand-rubbed with bees wax to enhance the natural wood tones. Made from the highest quality timber, Bride & Wolfe circle shelves will become as precious as the heirlooms they showcase.

H:  500mm 
W: 500mm 
D: 70mm 

- Upper curve to top shelf approx 110mm 
- Second shelf height approx 120mm 
- Third shelf height approx 120mm 
- Lower curve to third shelf approx 110mm  

Review November 2013:
“I'm in love with my Bride and Wolfe circle shelf. Favourite thing in the
house! Kind regards, Lucy H “

Circle Shelves currently have a wait of about 3 weeks  - once ordered we'll email you with confirmation and delivery date.

$10 shipping within most of Australia.



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